Schorem Barbershop

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Schorem is an old fashioned barbershop based in Rotterdam. Some describe it as being Brooklyn in the beginning of the last century, it’s Johnny Cash and Al Capone in one!

Going to Schorem is an experience which starts at the door, and the sign on the door says it all… this is a place for men!

Owners Leen and Bertus describe it as the only women-free-zone in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Don’t think they don’t like the ladies, they love them, but they feel that every man deserves a place where he can be a man. That’s why they decided to start an old fashioned barbershop, no bullshit, just cutting and shaving. A place where you can get a real mens haircut, cut by someone who knows how a real mens haircut looks!

Why should all men go to Schorem? Because every man, that has a pair, should understand that there are only 3 types of men who touch them; your doctor, your tailor and your barber. His own barber who he can trust with his sharp scissors and cold steel, just (on a leather belt) sharpened, razor-sharp knife.

And that’s what Schorem is all about, real men, being real men! No disturbance and only the bare essentials left! Good advice for gentleman, coffee and a decent haircut.

If you want to visit Schorem, go to the Nieuwe Binnenweg 113 – Rotterdam – The Netherlands. Don’t bother making an appointment, it’s on first come, first served basis. And remember, this isn’t a hairdresser, this is a barber, a place for real men, an oasis, an experience!

Check out their website and Facebook to see some of their haircuts! And take a look at these beautiful pictures of the barbers and their shop by Jelle Mollema.

Video (in Dutch)