Redd’s by Zach Gold

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Redd’s by Zach Gold

Redd’s by Zach Gold is probably the most sensual advertising video out there using only fruit and flowers!

Zach Gold is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to photography and film. He combines photography and computer graphics to capture movement beautifully. In this short, he’s teamed up with Redd’s Beer for their Angel or Demon campaign.

Redd’s is not a typical beer so Zach took an atypical approach. The Polish beer is preferred primarily by women, who like its fruit taste because it offsets the bitterness. So instead of focusing on the experience around social drinking as most beer advertisements do, Zach focused on the individual experience consumers can have with the beer.

The video starts with close up shots of colorful flowers and apples and a woman asking, “are you ready to play with me?” The narration continues throughout, peaking the viewer’s curiosity as to what the product could be. Zach orchestrates the video so that movement is perfectly timed with the drums in the African inspired music.

Through the short, the fruit and flowers seem to take on a life of their own, moving without propulsion. The video reaches a climax when we see a red and green apple (the angel and demon) collide and explode, dissolving into a fine cloud of red dust. The final shot is of a red orchid floating down slowly to land next to a bottle of Redd’s Dry Beer.

All images + video © Zach Gold – Website

Advertising Agency: Bazine-Sass+, USA
Creative Director / Co-owner: Natalia Bazina
Strategic Planning Director, Co Owner: Ulrich Sass
Client Director: Irina Talanova
Production Co: Action Film
Executive Producer: Oksana Gill
Production Company: Copperwind Productions
Director: Zach Gold
Director of Photography: Brandon Finney
Producer: Elsbeth Loughrey
Editorial: The Artery VFX
Editor: Ilan Benatar
Visual Effects: The Artery VFX
Visual Effects Supervisor: Vico Sharabani
Creative Director: Vico Sharabani
Executive Producer: Yfat Neev
Production Coordinator: Lynzi Grant
Lead Flame Artist: Theo Maniatis
Flame Artist: Itay Niv
Color Grading: The Artery VFX
Colorists: Vico Sharabani, Theo Maniatis
Music Production / Sound Design: Casa Nova Studios
Sound Designer: Tommy Mokas