Money bowls by Arthur Analts & Rudolph Strelis

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London-based Latvian designers Arthur Analts and Rudolph Strelis have made a series of bowls from shredded money.

They obtained notes from the Bank of England that had already been taken out of circulation and destroyed, then used them to make papier-mache containers bonded with resin. It took £1000 worth of notes to make the smaller one and £3000 to make the larger one.

They’re lined with white gelcoat so people won’t be put off by the material’s grubby appearance and the bases are conical like a spinning top so they never rest flat.

Money bowls reflect the thin borders between valuable and useless, stable and variable, ancient and contemporary,” says Analts. “Stability – one of the bowl’s basic principles – is taken out. When the bowls are spun, they can rotate for up to two minutes, symbolising the change and rotation of the cash rate.

Arthur Analts website
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