Eurostar Interior Design by Christopher Jenner

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Eurostar Interior Design by Christopher Jenner

Christopher Jenner made train travel attractive again with his Eurostar Interior Design! Traveling the line between the Capital of cool (London) and the capital of fashion (Paris), he wondered how this train is such a soulless design experience.

This commission is a vision of a future we can all enjoy. With transport set to play an ever more pivotal role in the way we seek to improve our relationship with the planet, surely it should be tasty too?

The carriage finished in hardwood, brushed Brass and Carbon fibre illustrates a hybrid of the golden age and the new. Individual accommodation in single seats provides essential armrest services (air, power, connection) and retractable privacy, while large screen windows open a view to the World flying by.

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Eurostar Interior Design by Christopher Jenner

Eurostar Interior Design by Christopher Jenner

About: British designer Christopher Jenner was born in Cape Town South Africa, where as a child he was inspired by the beauty of his home country which continues to play an inspirational role in his work – in his words ‘mother nature is the ultimate designer’.

After graduation from the Johannesburg School of Art and the Boston School of Design, Christopher travelled the world living in Paris, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong before settling in London where he embarked on a variety of freelance collaborations with luxury brands including Harry Winston, Leviev, Swarovski and Johnnie Walker.

Towards the end of 2010 he established his studio to explore the relationship between branding and design.

From the start he embarked on a series of flagship global projects implementing a concept of ‘fractal discovery’; a process whereby a challenge is deconstructed into multiple elements representing the inherent values (heritage, product, strategy) of a project. Once deconstructed the fractured assets are reassembled via unique propositions, guiding the design process towards layered, emotively magical solutions.

The challenging of Artisanal skill is evident in the immense detail of his work, lending a tangible luxury and distinction while breathing life into dwindling art forms. Working globally, he is currently implementing projects in lifestyle and hospitality.